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Hose & Water Accessories

2100 Hozelock Repair Connector


The Hozelock Hose Repair Connector is ideal for repairing a damaged hose or permanently connecting two hoses. This connector has been designed to work with the Hozelock system.

Made from high-quality materials, this Hozelock hose repair connector is ideal for repairing damage along a hosepipe. Alternatively, you can use this connector to connect two lengths of hose permanently.

This connector is quick and straightforward to use and ideal for hoses with a diameter of 12.5mm & 15mm.

With 60 years of innovation, the Hozelock brand combines knowledge and passion for gardening with a pride in craftsmanship to develop gardening solutions that help gardens flourish and come to life.

Features & Benefits

  • 2 uses
  • Perfect for repairing a damaged hose
  • Ideal for connecting two hoses together
  • Designed to work with Hozelock products
  • High-quality materials

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