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Lawn Care

EverGreen® Handy Spreader

The EverGreen Handy Spreader is great for small lawns and is easy to use with 5 settings. For best results use with Miracle-Gro EverGreen granular lawn treatments and/or grass seed products only.

Q1: How wide does the EverGreen Handy Spreader dispense the granules?
A1: The spreader dispenses the granules in a 2 metre arc when turning the handle at the correct speed to apply the product at the advised rate.
Q2: Do I open the hopper (the container which holds the granules) first, then turn the spinner or the other way round?
A2: Start the spinner turning before moving off then open the hopper as you move off up the lawn, this way the granules drop on to the spinning disc and will be dispensed out over the lawn in a 2 metre arc. If the hopper is opened first the granules will fall down in a heap resulting in over application. At the end of each run close the hopper before stopping the spinner.
Q3: The handle is becoming hard to turn, what can I do?
A3: Granules have probably found their way into the gearbox under the spinner. Empty the hopper and soak the spreader in warm soapy water for a few hours to dissolve the granules and then wash it out with clean water. Allow to dry before using again.
Q4: What speed do I walk at to achieve the correct application rate?
A4: We recommend the walking speed of approximately 1.4 metres a second. To gauge your speed push 2 canes into the lawn 10m apart and walk between the 2 canes holding the empty spreader in approximately 7 seconds.

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