Patio Care

5L Gasomp


Is Gasomp difficult to apply?
Not at all. Simply mix Gasomp in a watering can and cover the area to be cleaned. We recommend a light brush to get the solution spread into every nook and cranny!

Do I need to powerhose?
The beauty of Gasomp is that you don’t have to hose at all.

How much will 2 or 5 Liters cover?
Following our instructions each liter covers approximately 30 sq ft. However, if the surface has not been treated for a very long time more may be required. Give us a call and we’ll have a look and give you some advice absolutely free!

How long will it take to dry in?
On a sunny day it will take approximately 30 minutes to dry in. But don’t fear, some light rain will actually help the process!

How often do I need to use Gasomp to keep the greens away?
We recommend you use the solution every 6-12 months.

Is it dangerous to children and animals?
After Gasomp has fully settled in it poses no threat to pets and children. However, we do strongly recommend hosing the surface off at least once after 24 hours.

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