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Patio Care

5L Patio Magic!®


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Brintons Patio Magic! is a concentrated disinfectant for the easy treatment, removal and prevention of green mould and algae on hard surfaces. Also suitable for indoor use, and as a pre-fungicidal wash. Kills green mould and algae typically within 2-4 days, and helps to gently clean the treated surfaces in the following weeks and months.

Q1: When can children and pets return to the areas treated?

A1: Children and pets can return to the treated areas once they have fully dried.

Q2: Can I use this product on my greenhouse?

A2: Yes. Patio Magic! can be used on a wide range of outdoor surfaces such as patios, tarmac and asphalt driveways, painted and glazed pots, garden ornaments, brickwork, masonry, York stone, concrete, greenhouses, conservatories, PVC, caravans, tennis courts and other artificial play/sports surfaces.

Q3: Do I need to jet wash the surface before I apply Patio Magic?

A3: No. Pressure-washing is messy and takes a surprising amount of time. It often roughens surfaces, thereby encouraging rapid algal re-growth. Patio Magic! is a dynamic algaecidal detergent which works without the need for manual scrubbing or pressure-washing – and it takes just minutes to apply.

Q4: When will I see results?

A4: The primary function of Patio Magic! products is to kill green mould and algae and lichens you will normally see the results of this within 2-4 days. Some lichens can be very hardy and results may take longer.

Q5: How long will it help prevent re-growth for?

A5: Protection can last for about 6-9 months after the first treatment, subsequent treatments can help extend the length of protection. Areas permanently in the shade, or prone to collecting water will have a reduced period of prevention.

Q6: What is the coverage?

A6: The coverage per each pack size is as follows: 2.5 litre Patio Magic! concentrate = 85 square metres, 5 litre Patio Magic! concentrate = 170 square metres, 5 litre Patio Magic! ready to use spray with power sprayer = 35 square metres.

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