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Plant Food

Miracle-Gro Performance Organic All Purpose Food 1L


Performance Organics from Miracle-Gro is the new breakthrough range of 100% natural gardening products that still grows twice as big, but organically. We have also ensured that the packaging is as sustainable as possible, using 100% recycled plastic in our bottles and 30% recycled plastic in our bags. Never again having to compromise on efficacy, you will now be proud of not only what you are grow but also how you grow it. It will improve the soil structure as well as feed your plants, will provide complete nutrition to your plant, including trace elements to guarantee results even in the most soil depraved conditions.

High-performance organic liquid plant food – grows plants twice as big, organically
Perfect for pots, containers, beds and borders
Results within 7 days – glorious on plants, gentle on nature
Plant based and suitable for vegan growers
1L Concentrated Feed

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