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Plant Food

Vitax Tree & Shrub 0.9kg


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Vitax Tree & Shrub Planting Feed contains all the vital plant foods in a natural, organic form for the best possible start when planting trees and shrubs. The recipe of perfectly balanced nutrients are ideal when planting both bare-root plants and potted speciments. This specially formulated feed also contains mycorrhizal fungi and a range of bio stimulants to promote vigorous root growth which in turn helps plants to establish much more effectively.

Directions for use

Note 1 gloved hand is approximately 30g

Apply evenly to soil at the rates recommended when the soil is moist.

Planting trees and shrubs
For 15-20cm containers take 60g feed and sprinkle past into the bottom of the planting hole and lightly fork it in. Mix the rest of the feed with the soil taken from the hole and then backfill around the plant.

For larger containers, use 60g feed in the hole and 60g for mixing with the soil for backfilling.

Feeding established plants
In March, apply 60g for plants up to 60cm (2ft), 120g for plants up to 120cm (4ft) and 180g for standard trees.
Spread the feed evenly into the soil below the canopy.  Repeat late June-early July.

For apples, pears and plums apply 175g per square metre.
For Currants, Gooseberries and Raspberries apply 140g per square meter.
For roses, apply 140g per square metre.

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