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Fargesia Nitida ‘Black Pearl’ (Blue Fountain Bamboo)


Height: 3ft (90cm)

Pot: 5L

‘Black Pearl’ has been selected not only for its vigour and robust upright growth but also for the deep purply black canes it produces. In addition the lush fresh green foliage is produced in profusion and cascades amongst the canes. Fargesia nitida ‘Black Pearl’ is rightly known as a fountain bamboo by it’s graceful habit of upright canes that are held vertically only to arch over at the tips. The effect is further enhanced by the delicacy of the leaves which are produced in profusion. The canes themselves vary in colour from a fresh green to a deep purple black, in fact the stems can be so black that it is sometimes mistaken for the black bamboo. Fargesia nitida ‘Black Pearl’ usually grow around 3 to 4 metres high and is a very tightly clump forming bamboo.

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