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Fargesia Nitida ‘Great Wall’


Height: 2ft (60cm)

Pot: 5L

An excellent Bamboo for the garden. Can be used at any place in the garden; as specimen, hedges, screens. Fully hardy till -30c. Can be planted in shade, full sun and grows up to 3 – 5 metres.

This magnificent Fargesia bamboo owes its name to its most conspicuous appearance when used to create a hedge. Spaced a metre apart, ‘Great Wall’ plants will soon form a dense screen that is easy to maintain. The narrow leaves remain green throughout the year, and the vertical, upright habit also make ‘Great Wall’ a good solitary specimen. Fantastic on it’s own as a feature plant in a Japanese or Tropical themed garden, or alternatively used in a patio planter. These Fargesia are very tactile, calming and relaxing as you hear the breeze rustling through the foliage on sunny days when relaxing outside.

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