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Phyllostachys Aurea ‘Golden Bamboo’


Height: 6ft (180cm)

Pot: 5L

Phyllostachys aurea, the Golden Bamboo or Fishing Pole Bamboo is perhaps the most popular bamboo planted in the U.K and for good reason. It has sturdy upright olive green, maturing to golden yellow canes or culms as we call them reaching between 3.5-5m high clothed in delicate pale green leaves. Although Phyllostachys aurea belongs to the family of bamboo that can grow large and spread easily, it tends to behave a pretty well in the U.K climate rarely spreading far. The golden bamboo is also easy to distinguish from other bamboos by the ornamental crowded nodes at the base of the canes, most bamboo have equidistant spacing of the nodes along the culms.

Hardy, clump-forming bamboo with yellow canes and finely textured foliage. Clump bamboos have underground stems that sprout vertical shoots much closer to their parent plants growing slowly outward.

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