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Prunus ‘lusitanica’ (Portuguese Laurel)

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Portuguese Laurel is an elegant evergreen hedging plant with narrow, pointed, deep-green glossy leaves borne on striking, maroon-coloured stems. Small, fragrant white flowers blossom in summer which are popular with bees and butterflies, along with small red fruits which are a favourite with birds. In the autumn, the fruits turn black. Prunus lusitanica ‘Angustifolia’ has traditional qualities to it that are similar to Bay Laurel, making it an ideal choice of hedge for formal situations.

Prunus lusitanica is easy to grow in all soil conditions and situations including dry shade. However if your Portuguese Laurel is growing in dry shade conditions, we advise keeping the plant moist and fed until established. Chalk soil is an excellent choice for Portuguese Laurel but coastal positions must be avoided.

Portuguese Laurel is exceptionally resilient and hardier than Cherry Laurel, although some wind protection is advised in areas where windburn could pose a problem. Prunus lusitanica has a medium growth rate making it easier to maintain and shape. This Laurel species should only need trimming once a year in late summer although it can grow to be much taller if required.

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